This Article Will Make You Laugh, Cry, Then Resent Me
Simone Stolzoff

Sorry, but it did neither. That’s because it is all quite obvious if you give the subject of headlines some thought.

So I ignored them since then, because I hate my emotions being manipulated like a puppet on a string. You know, there used to be newspapers over here that weren’t like that; whose headlines were more or less true. But they’ve almost all fallen victim to the all-usurping principle of maximising profit – as has the rest of journalism.

There’s one thing that I wonder about though: Why Do You People Capitalise Every Single Word? Some even do it in the body text. Please don’t! It looks as if you’ve got some sort of weird stuttering speech impediment, or are reciting the Ten Commandments from a hilltop from under a lightning cloud.

But +1 for being honest :)

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