Thanks Jason Calacanis For Not Inviting Women To A Hen Peck!

Re: Founder University but only women were allowed to apply.

Founder University at WSGR July 11, 2017

My usual reaction to “Women Only” events is to run the other way! As a woman in business, it stems from my past experience of going to my very 1st Women’s Conference in Los Angels. There I endured hours of what I call bitching and moaning about how women are treated by men, but unfortunately too much time spent on the bitching and moaning part without getting on to business. I felt it was a big downer and a waste of my time to listen to complaints of women in a “Man’s World”.

When Jason Calacanis made the move to do Founder University with all female attendees, I said to myself, Jason will do this right, he won’t let this turn into a “Hen Peck”. I had faith in him after following him on “This Week In Start Ups” that it would be worth my time. Jason did not let me down! Founder University (this time for women only attendees) was hands down the BEST 2 day seminar. The most important reason was the great content of actionable items geared at startups in today’s world, not a bunch of feel good rah rah motivational build up. As one woman, I can not speak for the other women, but I sure as heck do not want or need to have a build me up emotional seminar.

I feel blessed that I grew up with a strong Father with a “no bullshit” attitude and 2 older brothers that toughen me up while at the same time filled me in on the male psyche. This is probably why I am a Big Fan of Gary Vaynerchuk too. I am sure there are a lot of women who were not as fortunate to get that kind of upbringing that may be finding themselves unprepared for navigating in a male dominated environment.

For as long as men and women have been on earth, and hormones run thru our bodies, we are built different, look different and operate differently because we are one sex or the other. Both sexes can take those differences as advantages or disadvantages. Just depends on what we know about ourselves and the opposite sex. It also depends on how we see the glass half full or half empty. Fortunately, the insights my Dad and brothers have given me, the glass for me is overflowing! Some day I may write those insights down for women to read, but for now, I am just thankful to Jason, Jacqui Deegan and the team for such a great event for women that any man would have found equally valuable!

P.S. If you haven’t heard, Jason wrote the book on Angel Investing due out July 18. For all the free information he has given away on YouTube, I am Pre-ordering the Audible version as a thank you to back to him. I am sure once I get thru the book, I will owe him so many more “Thanks”!

Written by Janina Soto, Co-founder of