Because of You

My songs are all so depressing,

They all say something now.

My gosh they all sound so sad

They remind me of how we got to be.

I’ll think back to those days,

The days that I got anxious

And nervous,


But mostly scared shitless to see you.

I never knew what to expect

Well, I did

But… I always hoped I thought wrong.

I wish I saw these red flags sooner.

When I did,

It was too late.

I wish I hadn’t been blinded.

By what, I don’t know.

Actually I do know.

But, by how I’m talking about it now,

So do you.

You don’t reach out anymore.

I love that you don’t

Truthfully, I hate it more.

I can’t get you out of my head.

No matter how much I try to think badly of you,

No matter how much I write about it and you,

I hate to admit it,

But you,

YOU ruined me.