AIOS — Social ICO About To Live.

“AIOS” — All in One Social Media Is Aabout Live .Only 2 Days Are Left

Nowadays Social Networking sites/media sites are becoming more and more popular as compare to anything on Internet. Social networking and social media have became the most important source entertainment, time pass and sharing memories and Communication tool. With Social media/Networking site we can know about each others lifestyles, background, photographs, carrier and so many other things. With Social media platform so many Crypto-Currency are trying to make its promotions so that they can attract more and more people towards their platform. With integrating CryptoCurrency with Social Media there greater chances of success here.

So by keeping this thing in mind, AIOS has integrated Block-Chain Technology and Social Media platform to gether, it creates new opportunity of Earning Virtual money with AIOS platform.We all Love to interact with people on Social Network Sites and Just think about it If we ‘ll get money for chatting and for uploading our memory online. AIOS — All in One social media is here to full fill my this dream.

Hello Guys, today I am going brief you all how about “ AIOS Social Media”
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AIOS- Social Media Powered by Rewards System.

Introduction of AIOS ?

AIOS (All In One Social) is a Block chain platform which will be used for social networking and world wide marketing too. User will be able to marketing of everything (Products, services, solution, etc.) on AIOS marketing platform. AISO decentralized social network provides best security and private space for integrated market.

What Is AIOS Block chain ?

AIOS coin is the Crypto Currency which AIOS platform is going sell at the time of Pre- ICO. And the current price of AIOS coin is


For promotion of products and services user have to invest AIOS coins in order to broadcast adds on AIOS platform. By this ads’ll be visible on users blog. By this platform user can do worldwide promotions at very less costs and user upvotes the likes on the contents then the user who have posted the add will receive the AIOS rewards coins.

There so many advantages that AIOS platform have other Social media platforms. AIOS is Integration of blockchain technology with Social Networking Platform. AIOS offers High user Privacy and security With ( 2 Factor Authenticator). It has Targeted the current market place and block chain technologies.Only AIOS offers Huge reward potential to its user as compare other self earning Giants.

Pre-ICO AIOS coins sale:-

Latest Updates:- Hi Guys! Pre ICO of AIOS Token is going to be live on 17th September 2017. So investors & Social media promoters get ready to participate in this Grand Pre ICO of AIOS Token.

Initial price of ICO’ll be :-

AIOS Bounty Program’ll begin as soon as Pre-ICO sale begins. ASIOS social media is going to run bounty program for AIOS Promotion as pre ICO & main ICO begins. Bonus rewards will be given rewarded to participants for participating in the bounty.

Allocated coins in total for bounty =1,000,000 AIOS . ( Winners’ll be rewarded with AIOS Token once ICO ends.)

AIOS Team is always here to help you:-

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