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Insurance :-

The goal of Insurance is to provide assurance for person whether it is for life or some other goods. General or life Insurance , has a great significance in our life. We are always concerned about uncertainties in our life and we constantly. with insurance we can control them to best of our extent. Life’s uncertainties, can be controlled by the concept of Insurance.

Definition of Insurance :-

Insurance is basically an assurance by the Insurer to the Insured person or object, in a specific circumstance. The insured person is bound to pay the fixed amount to the insurance company as part of the contract. In exchange, the insured pay a fixed amount to insurer once or in installments over a period of time.

As we all knows about the significance of Insurance. It can’t control any mishap but it can provide an assurance in case any mishap happens in near future. There are so many insurance policies in the for the life, health, building and objects(car, mobile or for other things too).

These days, every person have his own insurance policies whether life insurance of general insurance. But sometimes, over a period of time, these insurance policies might lack in potential benefits because of rising competition among Insurance Companies.

But problem comes when we don’t find taken insurance policy beneficial for us. If we want to sell our purchased policies to sell at reasonable price, which does not happens at maximum times. In case if we like to surrender these policies to insurance company, they wont give us the expected final settlement.

##Now some of the question we have with existing insurance policies are:-

1 . Can a insured person can sell insurance policy to the others before its maturity?

2 . Is there any platform or website available which can allow a policy holder to transfer it’s policy to some other person?

Well, people don’t know about this fact that Insurance policies are transferable before their maturity and one can trade insurance policies at will. Generally, people believes that once they have taken a policy, then they have to keep it until maturity.

To make it easier, a platform have come into existence which allows it’s users to trade policies in real-time basis using cryptocurrency / Blockchain technology.

Crypto-Currency / Blockchain Technology:-

Cryptocurrency/Crypto Currency is also known as Future alternative currency, virtual currencies or Decentralized Currency. Crypto-Currency are most popular form of digital currency. These crypto-currencies are having value in real just like Goild, Silver $ or INR etc. Here is the list of some of the popular Crypto Currency.

Crypto Currency is a digital asset which we can use as investment, for transferring money or either to purchasing anything from any part of world. Which is not possible by fiat currency of any country. Cryptocurrency uses encryption algorithms which encrypt the block chain by public and private keys to make its transaction secure & also to control the creation of additional units of the crypto-currency.
Some popular crypto-currency and blockchain technologies are BTC, Eth, Dash & other Alt coins.

Some more advantages that we have we have with Block-chain technology are mentioned below :-

1 . Decentralization :-

Decentralization of Crypto-Currency Block-chain technology means if applied in financial sector, it can make financing transparent, taking out the control from centralized institutions to peer 2 peer network. It reduces the hacking, identity theft and secure the transaction.

2 . Security :-

Traditional payment system are not that much efficient as compare to crypto-currencies. As we are hearing very day in news about cyber-crime & hacking of financial organization by hackers who took out the usernames and passwords of their customers within few minutes.

3 . No Government Control:-

* Govt. dont have any control on Blockchain technology. Noorganization or government have any control over these Crypto Currency. Blockchain system can not be manipulated by any country or government. By keeping your cryptocurrency on exchange or in wallet you can get good interests on your policy investments.

“FidentiaX “ World’s First Blockchain Based Marketplace For Trading Insurance Policies: -

Hi Friends, do you know now you can sell your insurance policies to a 3rd party which is going to give you great cash amount, instead of surrendering it to your insurer at a low value. I’ve seen this situation in the life insurance world so many times. Few person may have some more plan other than insurance plan and they find out they don’t need a life insurance policy. For condition like this , some people like to buy their insurance policy for more than what the insurance company would pay for surrendering the policy, so the insured person will be at loss as, the insured person is not going to get the expected final settlement.

What is FidentiaX

As discussed earlier it is 1st Marketplace in the World’s for Trading of Policies. FidentiaX is Block-chain powered technology. There is an exploding increase in no.d of buyers, these buyers are actively searching for tradable policies from the market. This provides so many benefits for these buyers. Here is a short introductory video, about the FidentiaX Blockchain technology.

From this video you will be able understand the project requirements and you will be able to realize the hidden potential that FidentiaX crypto currency is having. You will find out that your insurance is a tradable asset which normally is surrendered to an insurance company that you choose, but instead you could do someting much more profitable with it than this.

Working of FidentiaX Core :-

FidentiaX tokens can be used by participants for participation. User can purchase various insurance policies with an attractive discount FdX tokens .

Membership charges of the fdx platform can be used for purchasing the fdx tokens.

Future planing of FidentiaX:-

FidentiaX offers different trading Insurance policies & take advantage after the submission of those policies.

Some of the advantages :-

1 . ListingOfPolicies

2 . OfferingTheProposal

3 . Submission

4 . TransactionCompletion

Future planing of “FidentiaX “ :-


Alvin Ang — CoFounder of identiaX

Information Techno
logy and Services

Currently associated with- FidentiaX &Uncharted Group

Previously he was associated with — OCBC Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, United Overseas Bank Limited

Education — National University of Singapore

Douglas Goh — CoFounder of identiaX

Currently associated with- FidentiaX

Education — University of Melbourne Singapore

Long Tran Thanh — Applications Architect @ identiaX

Artisan Digital

Currently associated with- FidentiaX &

Education — University of Natural Sciences Ho Chi Minh city

George Agiasoglou — Software Architect

Currently associated with- FidentiaX

Education -University of Surrey Singapore


Roberto Capodieci , Jean-Daniel Gauthier & Barton Johnston- Blockchain Zoo Founder

Currently associated with- FidentiaX


Varis Sayed & Dan Poh — Investment Advisor & Compliance Advisor

Currently associated with- FidentiaX.

Initial Coin Offering (ICO) :-

ICO is going to live for Public on 6th November 2017. If you like to buy FDX tokens before November, 6th, in this case user have to signup 1st on the official FDX website. FidentiaX is going to conduct a Private-Contribution before the Public-Contribution, specially for company affiliates, strategic partners & for few angel investors on October 20th.


FidentiaX will be issuing 100,000,000 fdX tokens for Crowd Token Contribution (CTC) with bonus program for early contributors as showed below :-

ICO crowd sale will run for 30 days.

The Total Coin Supply : 100 Million

Required Soft Capital : $1 Million

These are the fdX coin price during the different phase of Crowd sale and their discount rate as well.

Terms & Conditions :- In case of not raising required Soft Capital, all the investors will be refunded in full.

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