Future Crypto is Here — MAG Crypto Contribution Process & Sale

Please Welcome MAG Crypto Currency !

Introduction Of MAGOS/ MAG Crypto Currency :-

As every body knows MAGOS is AI-Neural Network System. But in most simplie language MAGOS /MAG is block -chain based crypto currency which use AI software named “ Melius, Ariolus, Galaxia, Obelu and Strategus” with the the fund raised by the MAGOS -Team. This AI system make accurate predictions on market and Sports Bids. Once it has collected all the required data this AI- system can make forecasting and so far till now this system has given 27.09% Return on Investments.

MAGOS Road-Map :-

Team MAGOS has started their in 2014, since then MAGOS software kept on evolviong. I my previous post i have shown you the performance of MAGOS AI- Software in field of Esport betting, where it had proved it self among all other competitors by providing 27.09% Return on Investments. The team MAGOS is already working on their AI- Software and it will be ready to the forecasting on MAG crypto currency by start of the November month once they raise minimum funds from pre-ICOs.

Here is team MAGOS roadmap:-

MAG Coin :-

MAG Crypto Currency is MAGOS ( ERC-20 tokens). MAGOS has issued their tokens on Ether Block-Chain. MAG is the only core component which MAGOS system have. MAG is designed to give max profit to MAG Crypto currency Holders. Once MAGOS Token sale starts it will lead to Token creation, will be created and managed by Ethereum smart contracts.

Investors can buy MAG tokens by spending ETH or BTC . Investors have to send their BTC/ETH to listed wallet addresses on MAGOS site.

MAG Coin Distribution:-

When ICO will be live Investors’ll get Highest token as shown in below PI -Chart. MAGOS team has decided to kept 12% tokens for them self for initial 18 month. 9% tokens will be kept for foundation & reserve for initial 12 months. 2.4% tokens are kept for partners for initial 4 months. 1.6% tokens are reserved for Bounty(Only One Months).

Minimum & Maximum Eth/BTC Collection Cap:-

MAGOS team have set the minimum goal is 3,400 ETH for their start up. I am sure they’ll achieve this goal soon as they have already achieved 90% target. The maximum goal is 22,640 ETH. Here is over all achievement MAGOS team have achieved till now :-

and this was at 79% week. So you can say Crypto investors are investing their funds actively on MAGOS>

Fund Allocation:-

####Once ICO is over Team MAGOS is going to allocate fund raised in different different domains.
33% Fund will be allocated in Core development, 57% in prediction of the markets, sports-books & in few exchanges. 3% for contractors, 3% In marketing, 2% in technologies, 2% in Contingency funds.

Why to Buy MAG Crypto:-

MAGOS AI- platform promises high gain low risks and secure and safe platform to its users. MAGOS Platform is offering huge applications of their platform in future & only their platform offers a domain of high demand & high profitability. So investors rush for this golden opportunity and participate in MAGOS ICO sale before its too late.

Hello All, today I’ve briefed you all about MAG Crypto Contribution Process & Sales and what is the current price of MAG .
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MAGOS Team is Here to Help You:-

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“ I’ll be back with more updates on MAGOS, Stay tuned “

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