How to get unblocked on social media/ how to not be “that guy” on the internet. #module1

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting pretty tired of receiving “sorry your account is temporarily disabled” notifications from online websites and social media. After losing all privileges from YouTube, clash of clans, and various other precious past times, I decided to investigate possible and immediate actions to fix this unfortunate happening. After Google searching “how to unblock yourself on social media”, I decided that emailing “cyber leaks hacker” about this issue may not end as well as it could, so, here are some tricks I’ve learned to help you keep a clean Internet record.

In summary, basically just don’t be an asshole. It turns out there is an invisible great uncle in your device watching you and giving you slaps on the face and timeouts when you misbehave because much like at the dinner table, there is a set of manners you need to follow while online called “netiquette”. #EID100

Rule one: don’t spam! Nobody wants to wake up in the middle of the night to their phone incessantly buzzing, filling their room with desperate cries of attention. It’s annoying and unnecessary. Stop.

Rule two: this one is incredibly hard for me; don’t use sarcasm or dark humour. Unless you are texting your longtime best friend who knows you all too well, refrain from the “omg I want to kill you right now” comments because somebody, maybe not that particular person, but somebody out there may take that as a threat and actually think that you are coming after them with rope and a monkey wrench.

Rule three: DON’T SHOUT! Although a sudden feeling of excitement may cause you to use all capitals when asking “WHY AREN’T YOU COMING TO NANDOS WITH US TONIGHT????????”, this isn’t the best of choices because it actually represents you screaming full tilt into your friends ear. So unless this person ate all of the leftover take-out you were saving for lunch in the fridge, refrain from the shouting.

Rule four: respect each other’s privacy. Next time your friend asks you to send the phone number of the girl who allegedly muttered his name in class because “she wants the D”, ask yourself would you want somebody spreading your private information around without your permission? No! So don’t be a creep!

Rule five: this is the last tip I’m going to give you. Just be yourself (in your best form). Acting like somebody you’re not is something a cyber-bully or troll would do and I’m sure you wouldn’t want it will come across as one of those, so just pretend you’re having a friendly conversation in person!

So. I have learned from my mistakes, it’s ok, we all get a little carried away sometimes but just be mindful of what you do or say to whoever you do or say things to. Good luck, and trust me when I tell you that although it might say that “cyber leaks hacker” is the only “true” solution, it is only you who can help yourself. #EID100


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