The Cloud Explained


The Cloud; a fluffy white cotton ball sitting in the sky that sometimes gets mad and spits on us. That’s basically it, do you still have a reason to be here? Yeah? Ok.

The Cloud: The Sequel

Here’s an easy way to wrap your head around it. Take a fluffy cotton ball cloud from the sky. Now taking a closer look at it, you come to realize that it in fact is not a piece of cotton candy that you can float on! It is a dense cluster of water molecules squished together, so close in fact that it appears as if it is one object. The computer cloud could then be considered, a dense cluster of computers working together so that if you were looking at it from a distance and observing, it would look as though it is one giant computer getting the job done.

This system appears as if it is running through your computer, your phone and any other devices you have, but in actual fact it is running through the Internet through an array of computers sharing resources between one another just like the friction between each molecule in a cloud creates as they work together to create a static burst of energy otherwise known as a lightning bolt.

“Public Cloud” It is a service that is available for pretty much anyone to use through the internet. A couple of examples of this include: drop boxes, iCloud storage and steam or origin for cloud gaming.

Ups and Downs of Cloud Storage

So here’s the sale pitch. You start out free. You have about 2 GB of data depending on which provider you’ve gone with. You can access this data anywhere anytime with no cost. You have the option of buying more storage if you run out of space. This would now mean that you would be renting a portion of the hard drive and bandwidth costs for the data center. The downside of this, is that even though your data is said in a fully secured place, the provider can actually access this meaning that someone has the ability to hack in leak your data.

Off Site backup

By being on cloud service, you won’t be limited to the low speeds, and you would get data protection.this protection is much safer than one storage, it copies your file spread across the globe so that even if a natural disaster destroyed the entire data center, you personally wouldn’t lose a thing.

Cloud Gaming

Shout out to all you PewDiePie subscribers! Cloud gaming means that there is no need to worry about updating drivers or waiting for game installation because the application itself runs from the cloud so keep calm and game on!

Alright there you have it. Stay awesome!!!
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