Last two month in LUNN we have learned a lot about other countries (we are “tourists” and we should know this :)). I think I know more about language, traditions of countries of the world, but I wasn’t surprise at most. I knew that Swiss isn’t citizen of Sweeden and Dutch is not from Denmark (the most popular mistakes of Russians, I think :)).

So, I knew so much about the USA. Honestly, I love this country and I’m interested in it’s culture, traditions, ect.

The USA is a multiethnic country. People call it “melting pot” and I agree with them. American is a big mixture of other nationality.

American’s accent is really cool. I mean I like their pronunciation and it differs from the British very much.

Americans don’t have passport and, to be honest, I was surprise. They have ID cards, also driver licence can to perform the function of a passport. By the way, an American can to get driver licence in 16 years and he\she can to drive a car after he\she pass theory exam, but person with driver licence should to accompany him.

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