Somerset Maugham

Hello ^^

Today I’m going to tell you about the popular English author Somerset Maugham who wrote beautiful novels that I read and will read.

One of the most brilliant books that I know is “The Razor’s Edge”. As I understood in Maugham’s novels there is one main theme. That’s search themselves. The main chatacter Larry Darrell after World War I decided to leave the past life, good job and his fiancee to start free life to find God. If to be honesty I’m not belive too much (fanatically) in God but Larry got me to think about it long time. Although the book is very tragic and sad every character here became happy (even if one of them is died). This novel tells the story about meaning of life for different people.

The book tell the story about love and luxurious life. Isabel had the choice between lovely man and riches. Levity and dream to live in beautiful house and wear nice clothes can’t allow her to choose Larry. But I can’t to judge Isabel because she have a right to live good, but feelins of large love were with her all time. Isabel is very proud and inconsistent. There is funny dialog (many girls will understand (: )

- Do you really love him?
- I don’t know. He annoys me. Deduces from myself. But I miss him so much.

Also there is film “The Razor’s Edge” where Bill Murray (from Nancy Taylor (: ) is the main character. I saw it but it really disapointed me :( It’s better if you will read novel, really better.

Yesterday I read “The Painted Veil” by Somerset Maugham and it was beautiful… And I really want to read Maugham’s “The Moon and Sixpence” and other novel of him.

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