The first month in LUNN

Well, one month of study behind and what can I say about it… Actually, I want to tell about English classes because that’s my favorite subject in the university although my English knowledge aren’t enough for level that I need for now. But I really enjoy from English now. This is the thing that I didn’t have at school. I like to improve myself in this every day.

But there is a subject that I really don’t love. This is History :( It’s so sad because at school History was one of the most favorite subject for me. I think that’s because the teacher tell us very quickly and this is not her fault so we have got only one semester for all (!) history of the world and Russia. Maybe my opinion will change in a short time, and I actually want it.

Recently I understood that I like the lessons of Ethics and psychology of business communication. The teacher can to tell abot many interesting and useful thing in simple form.

Geography teacher is very cute and kind person. I like this lessons because I’m not bored here.

Actually, now I like to study in LUNN. I hope this feelling will last for four years :)