If I Have to Paint a Picture

LySaundra Janeé
Jun 22 · 1 min read
Profile from Brooklyn into Manhattan

the rain plunders

slickness surrounds us

sliding may be inevitable

but this is

merely a walk in a park

this is


this is

where breathing becomes a privilege

where a beating heart becomes luxury

where the minutes in our conversations outnumber the raindrops

this is

where I am intrigued

by your challenges and

enticed by your realness

this is

where we take off our cool

where colors remain vibrant

long after we remove rose-colored glasses

this is

a diamond in the rough

the calm after the storm

a sweet exhale

the coolness in the shade

shelter during the storm

finding higher ground

this is


LySaundra Janeé

Written by

LySaundra Janee is a writer, educator, musician and founder of Social Soundtrack. Keep up with her at https://lysaundrajanee.com/

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