You Are Not Equal. I’m Sorry.
Dina Leygerman

You are equal. You just do not want to be. You say women make less in certain positions but whose fault is that? Do you work the exact same hours do you produce the same work do you demand higher pay or negotiate higher wages? 
Yes people still talk about abortions and birth control because to many the debate is not your body your choice it is the body and choice of an unborn child. 
You say women must carry mace at night well men are more likely to be attacked. You complain women must explain their actions when accusing someone of rape but doesn’t the defendant have the right to innocent until proven guilty? Consent is a very hard thing to prove it was not given especially if both parties are just as drunk as the other, 
You say it is an issue that there is not paid parental leave. Why must a company be punished for you not going to work. If you just left for a few months do you expect them to pay as well? 
Women are sexual creatures you cannot deny this. Men of lower class will act in that manner towards you. This is not harassment and teaching a women they should learn to defend themselves against attackers is not rape apology. 
Women are not oppressed this is a fact. You just wish it you were.

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