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Where Warren’s Wrong — Stratechery by Ben Thompson

Senator Elizabeth Warren deserves credit: I have been writing about antitrust , particularly in the context of Aggregation Theory , for years, but the most concrete proposal I have put forward is that social networks should not be allowed to acquire other social networks . Senator Warren, on the other hand, last week presented a far more wide-reaching proposal that specifically targeted Facebook, Google, and Amazon ….

Unfortunately, Senator Warren’s proposal helps highlight why I have not gone further with my own: hers would create massive new problems, have significant unintended consequences, and worst of all, not even address the issues Senator Warren is concerned about (with one possible exception I will get to in a moment). Worst, it would do so by running roughshod over the idea of judicial independence, invite endless lawsuits and bureaucratic meddling around subjective definitions, and effectively punish consumers for choosing the best option for them.

Amazon Aurora ascendant: How we designed a cloud-native relational database — All Things Distributed

Aurora’s design preserves the core transactional consistency strengths of relational databases. It innovates at the storage layer to create a database built for the cloud that can support modern workloads without sacrificing performance. Customers love this because Aurora provides the performance and availability of commercial grade databases at 1/10th the cost. Since Aurora’s original release, it has been the fastest-growing service in the history of AWS.

In this post, I’d like to give you a peek under the hood at how we built Aurora. I’ll also discuss why customers are adopting it faster than any other service in AWS history.

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Software leadership. Helping teams with cloud, architecture, scale, performance, management. @lyddonb

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