There are a number of reasons.
Dustin Briscoe

I do not see it that way at all. I agree with an article that I read, because it was written by a slavic PhD political science student. (I am half slavic/half nordic) :

1)Syria is a loyal customer of Russian arm industry.

2) Russia has an interest in being with China, the only “big friends” of Al-Assads. Both countries do not care about such things as human rights, as long as, they are necessary to make business. In the growing isolation, they have more an more power to press the Damascus — in much more effective way than West and other Arabic states. Russian strategy on Syria is also determined by good relations with Teheran. Iran is powered by Russians not only with arms, but also nuclear technology.

3) In the wider context, Moscow see Middle East revolutions (like this in Syria) in three important aspects:

- As a tool of regional destabilisation. It determines Western interventions, which are unwelcome by Russia. Operations like in Libya are seen as a expression of arrogance and radical reducing Moscow’s influence on region, which is already diminishing.

- As a threat to political ideology. Overthrowing authoritarian regimes through the revolutions is making regime in Moscow frightened, especially in the context of the latest demonstrations in Russian cities.

- As a threat to the international order, which in the optics of Russia and China, should be based on the rules of non-interventionism and multilateral negotiations. Moscow and Beijning are trying to show America as a aggresive superpower which covers its hunger of influence under the ideology of human rights and protection of freedom.

4) The potential new authorities of Syria will be probably not keen on cooperating with Russia. They will rather express their gratitude for West, Saudis, Qatar and first of all, Turkey, especially after certain initiatives on financial support to rebuild the country after the home war. Without Alawi regime, Russia will drop to the second row and ultimately lose its position on Middle East.

IF RUSSIA AND CHINA ARE SO “FRIENDS” WITH THE SYRIANS, WHY ARE THERE ABSOLUTELY NO SYRIAN REFUGEES GOING TO RUSSIA, OR TO CHINA, which for me is NORMAL, considering that Russia and China created this enormous crises ???? The refugees go to Europe, North America. They are creating great problems with the populations. Why not send them to Russia and China. Why are they not only not welcome in those countries, but they do not want to go to those countries ?????

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