Alternative Facts Hangman

A game that makes Hangman great again.

I grew up playing Hangman, a guessing game where one player thinks of a word and the other player has to guess what it is, within a certain number of guesses. As a kid, I never really thought about what I was drawing, sometimes adding extra limbs to encourage a win. #Facts: It’s Hangman — I hang a man from a rope with each incorrect guess. My actions determine this stick man’s fate. I am in control of a pencil drawing’s demise. Sounds like I spent a ton of time as a kid trivializing real trauma felt through my ancestry.

Hanging, a form of capital punishment, has an especially triggering effect on me as a Black woman in America. Whenever I hear the word, these images appear in my mind:

When tasked recently with a coding project to build a Hangman game, those same images came to mind. Hangman — a fun game about lynching someone because I can’t guess a word! Wee!

I wanted to build something to reflect that trigger in a real (but ultimately entertaining) way. Enter, Alternative Facts Hangman.

With every wrong letter, a little girl gets hung.

Alternative Facts Hangman plays just like the classic- you guess a word/phrase/sentence in x number of guesses. You get a chance to get the answer right, and help the black girl avoid death by your actions.

In the #TrueFacts Hangman version, the player always loses. Although black women have been detained and tell of their innocence, they’re still persecuted in some way. See:


So, play the game. Feel the feelings, then take action.