Why ‘Don’t Let Life Bring You Down’ is a book about real people and real life.

Previously I wrote that I looked at the world around me for inspiration to write my book ‘Don’t Let Life Bring You Down’. I didn’t always need to look so far.

The excerpt below is based on my own commutes in London.

In reality I’ve never had such conversations but in my mind I’ve sometimes imagined having them. When using this experience to write the story I simply wondered what would happen next in such a situation. Just how ugly or messy would it get?

We’ve all played out situations in our minds, no?

Ever imagined what you’d said to that boy or girl who ignored you?

Ever imagined confronting your boss for always complaining about your performance?

Ever imagined retaliating against your childhood bully?

So does Doug, the main character in ‘Don’t Let Life Bring You Down’. He spends so much time imagining what he would’ve done in such situations that he doesn’t see his life drifting away into nothing. After a near death experience he realises that such matters aren’t so important in the grand scheme of things. There are bigger fish to fry. Doug is reminded he has only one life to live and one destiny to fulfil. And time is running out to do it. He lists his ambitions and makes plans for how to achieve them.

Wouldn’t you do the same in that situation?

See? It’s about you and me. Real people and real life. No vampires or spaceships here.

‘Don’t Let Life Bring You Down’ is available to buy in paperback and also on Kindle.

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