Behind the Scenes: The Meeting

In that fleeting glance back at him just before they left the store, Elizabeth Van Rooyen already knew that albeit awkward, their meeting was the start of something more.

As she and her best friend Troy head out into the centre of the bustling town square, she tried to calm the trembling in her hands. Troy continued to ridicule their strange and hilarious meeting with the long haired boy at the bargain bin while she fought to hide the redness all over her face.

Sure, this was not the way she wanted to present herself to him — or any other human being, yet he played it so well and so courteously. His eyes haunted her, numbing her body while sending every whimsical butterfly into turmoil inside her stomach.

He held a depth and intensity she had not previously seen in any other guy before, and although she wasn’t sure if she had every looked at other guys the same way, she knew somewhere deep within the confines of her 6th sense that this one was different.

Not only was his face the epitome of silk, but everything about him drew her in from the minute she turned to see him and his little brother across the store. Troy giggled and joked, mocking their mutual awkwardness as they met but Liz could not wonder if he had left feeling the same way.

Her life was never simple, not since her mother’s passing. She had walls up, boundaries everywhere with everything and yet always had her head on straight. Focused and determined, untainted by peer pressure and always certain of her goals. But since their heads knocked in the store, she felt herself swimming in the day dream of a longer meeting.

Back at work, she served tables and cleared dishes determined to work her shift without him in her mind. But she couldn’t, the more their chance meeting played out in her mind the more she found herself smiling and blushing. There was this energy radiating off of him, as though an unseen essence emitting a pulse somewhere from within his core, through his smooth tanned skin and engulfing everything around her.


Troy’s voice broke her train of thought and she jumped backwards in alarm.

“You’ve been standing there for about twenty minutes…” Troy frowned, stepping towards the counter where Liz had stood doodling on a napkin.

“I can’t help it.” She huffed, “I don’t know what’s wrong with me.”

“This isn’t like you Liz, what is going on?”

“I don’t know…” she said smiling up at her friend, “I just can’t stop thinking about him.”

Neatly folding the napkin before placing it in her friend’s shirt pocket, Troy managed a smile and head past her. She knew Liz would understand the unspoken words of her wisdom.

Heading out back to where the droning of the restaurant faded, Liz knew that this random stranger would have to leave her train of thought before it consumed her. She found herself questioning not only her awkwardness during their meeting but also every fibre of the young man himself.

What weight did he carry within his soul that gave his eyes such immensity?

What burdens pulled his smile from his beautiful lips?

Would she see him again? Was it possible for one soul to seem so innocent when every fibre of its existence seemed frightened?

Could one person’s eyes be so deep that it lured her to crave more?

Where did he come from and who was Kyle Evans?

Looking up at the clear blue sky and taking in the worlds sweet air, she head back inside not realising that everything she felt was only the beginning of something spectacular.

SOUL BREAK PART ONE: Behind the Scenes “Meeting” 
©Lynel Coetzer 2016 
Soul Break (Series) Copyright © Lynel Coetzer 2005

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