Day 102–103…December 31- January 1! 2017 🎉🥂2018!… Langkawi, Malaysia

We’ve been watching the preparations for New Year’s Eve for several days! All building to a spectacular celebration on the white sand beach!

We got dressed…shorts and my Singapore “market” dress, and flip-flops which quickly got kicked off. We took our selfie in the bathroom mirror 🙄, and off we went to the reggae party and Malaysian feast!

Party hats and noise makers and a huge sand dance floor, free-flowing booze, great music…live band and super fun DJ…all the makings of a great party! We danced til sweat covered every inch of our body😝🤪, and the huge 2017 ice sculpture started melting away.

Midnight fireworks! And then dancing til 2 (except we petered out by one 🧓🏼👵🏼😄)

Today we got up and said “good afternoon’ rather than our usual “good morning” to the guard. We walked to brunch, (guess who ate what!?),taking in the constant surprises that surround us! Then we sat by the pool (still marveling at the observant Muslim women). It’s so nice to be in a place for so many days that you don’t feel you have to get up and squeeze every moment into the day so you don’t miss something.

A day without monkeys is a day without all the excitement that comes with surprise!

On our way to dinner, we saw one of the many fishermen, who was getting an early start tonight. And then had another wonderful dinner.

Tomorrow, town!