Time To Talk Therapy

The popular Houston alt-rock band Blue October is back on the road. As they tour, I hope they play an old favorite: “X Amount of Words,” a 2006 song that frankly explored lead singer Justin Furstenfeld’s battle with bipolar disorder:

Relapse Prevent trigger intent Now drown High strung Say X amount of words

You’re solar, bipolar Panic disorder Seems harder and harder and harder Still you try to control it

Mental illness is one of the last unspoken afflictions; yet references are buried in numerous lyrics. It is a refreshing departure from headlines that sensationalize tragedy…

Increased Funding Benefits the Vulnerable

When Susan came to our clinic, she had attempted suicide-the culmination of a lifetime filled with pleas for help and acts of desperation. She had finally come to us at Galaxy Counseling Center for help because she did want to leave her daughter with such a legacy.

“I was so lost. My soul was shattered, my heart broken and my spirit shredded. “

There are countless other lost souls in Texas, but they often struggle to get access to help. Mental health funding levels are at a historical low, with Texas as the 49th state…

Make the Kalief Browder Tragedy Mean Something

We have the Choice to do the Right Thing

I’m angry. I’m angry that mental health is a topic that people don’t want to discuss. I’m angry that mental health is pushed aside for other less sensitive topics. I’m angry that people don’t feel as ashamed to talk about their addictions with sex, substance abuse, gambling. I’m angry of the cone of silence over mental health.

So let’s put a face and a name to someone who was brave enough to allow his story to be told so that others would not have…

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