Love AMEX customer service!

So… the story was about a request to waive my annual card fee. As I am currently in Seoul, I used Skype to call in and was told that there would be a wait of at least 4 mins due to high volume of calls.

Shortly, I was assisted by an agent called Amber who provided an impressive customer support. Trust me, as a Training Lead for customer experience team, I do have high standards on customer service and of course, great appreciation when it is done well.

Amber immediately thanked me for waiting on the line, paying attention to my waiting time. She asked for my name so that she can address me personally, followed by asking on my enquiry. Upon finding out my enquiry, she gave me assurance that she will be the person that can definitely assist me. As she noticed that I was calling from overseas, she was very thoughtful to say that she will want to keep the call short for me and then swiftly got through the authentication steps in just a few steps.

Right after the authentication, she acknowledged how long I have been using AMEX and my timely payment, showing great appreciation for me as a customer. With that, she was very candid and the way she phrased it was refreshing to me, “of course I wouldn’t be saying No to your request.” That amazed me as she has coupled the approval of the waiver with the reason behind it. It felt that she truly cares and is addressing me as an individual.

Amber could have easily end the call after that but she did not. :) She took the initiative to notice my transactions with Uber and Grab and notify me on the current promotions that I might not be aware of. She even suggested to follow the Facebook page so that I can always be informed on future promotions. That was so brilliant of her, I definitely applaud such forward thinking on taking initiatives to look after the interest of customer.

At the end of the call, she shared with me her name, just in case if I need any other assistance, she will be able to assist.

This interaction with Amber is exactly what keeps me happy and excited about my profession. There are many talented people out there, who are passionate about customer service and willing to go the extra mile. A step at a time, all of us can better define how customer service should be in Asia.

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