My recent learnings about Life


As I see my favourite grandpa lying on the hospital bed helplessly, breathless at times and relying on the oxygen mask, I can’t help to question myself on my understanding of life. I looked around and see the rest of the patients, staring into space at times, keeping themselves occupied with folding of paper bags (to spit phlegm) and occasionally having some visits from their relatives. Sometimes, when I return the next day, a bed might be empty too.

Life, how should we deal with you? You are so unpredictable at times. You are not too short yet not too long for us to live to our fullest. Yet, sometimes, you like to play a prank on us and take us away at very unpredictable moments. How should we deal with you when you catch us at such surprise moment?

Life, you often provide us with moments of inspirations and drive to achieve big goals in our lives. However, you also shatter our dreams with disappointments and break our hearts when you steal something precious from us. Why do you give at one moment and snatch it back at another moment?

Life, you are such a big mystery case! And I want to embrace you and learn how to appreciate you to the fullest. I want to live a life with no regrets. But… Does it mean that I should live every day like my last so that I will not be caught in surprise? Does it mean that I should drop all expectations so that I will not be disappointed? Does it mean that I should not have a dream so that it will not be shattered? Should I not have anything too precious for you to take away from me? I don’t know.

In order to feel that you have a life, does it mean that we have to go through all these ups and downs or else it will not be counted as we have lived before? If so, I am opening myself to you. I am willing to commit to this promise so that I do not waste my life away. I will live each day as my last, I will have expectations but not be too held up with it. I will have dreams to work towards but the journey is what I should focus on. I will treasure all my loved ones and friends so that if one day, you decide to take anyone of them from me, I know we have loved each other and appreciated one another every single moment.

Life, I will love you too.

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