About those Closets: We left you hangin’

True, closets and the garage were way down on our spring -cleaning list. But it was because they can feel like an enormous undertaking and we didn’t want to overwhelm you, so we didn’t go into much detail. If you want to get the most bang for your ‘time investment’ buck, you should clean out your closet FIRST. Hey, you have to go in there every morning and it’s better to start your day with that feng shui — I am in control here — feel. As opposed to the, I’m late and I have nothing to wear feel.

You’ll find we have two mantras here at STORD:

  1. Make your life easier, which tends to
  2. Make your life better.

Think about it: organizing your stuff equates to you taking charge. It’s you making your life easier and better. So the closet is a must, not a maybe.

Here’s the STORD closet checklist:

  • Donate. Donate. You can try to sell it. Sure. You will get pennies on the dollar unless you are selling a vintage Chanel handbag. Once again, you are in charge here, sell or donate. But get rid of the stuff you don’t wear. No matter how expensive or inexpensive the item was, if you don’t use it, it needs to go. You won’t miss it and it will make closet organizing easier, which will make your life easier, which tends to make your life better.
  • Need space? If you have gotten rid of your unused belongings and you still don’t have enough space, there are countless ways to create additional hanging space. Somebody at Pinterest has gone above and beyond and created a way to recycle soda can pop-tops to create an extra hook on each hanger. You can double capacity right there. But Bed, Bath and Beyond sells drop hanging rods inexpensively, so embrace our mantra –make your life easier — and go buy the additional rods.
  • Organize clothing items by occasion, color, and season. (That is, if you have the room to keep both seasons in your closet at the same time.) Shirts with shirts, pants with pants, etc., but don’t put silk pants next to blue jeans and don’t hang a fine leather jacket meant for eveningwear next to a college sweatshirt. (Yes, they both have long sleeves, but you would never grab for one and then opt for the other.) It will make your life easier. We promise.
  • Organize shoes by style, color, occasion and season. Duh? We know, but peek in your friend’s closet, the one who is always late. Her shoes are not organized. They aren’t even in pairs. So take the simple step or help a friend. Reds, Beige, Navy, Black, with the black sub-groupings: black flats, black heels, black boots, black lace up, black slip-ons, black gym shoes. Yes, gentleman. This is real.
  • Scarves and Ties can take up an enormous amount of space. Winter scarves should be named they are so large. So take control. Ties can go flush against the wall on the right rack. It’s best to use an organizer to consolidate the scarves. They really do save space. You know the mantra: organize by color, style, and season. Say it: it will make MY life easier.
  • Learn to FOLD. Like they do in the mall stores. The secret to it is patience and a flat surface. If you learn to fold your t-shirts and shorts like the pros, you will save space, stay organized and…it will make your life easier.
  • The Tank Top Holder is pure genius. Don’t fold these tiny treasures; just hang them all together on one simple tie hanger. Just toss them strap by strap on a hanger with multiple prongs meant for ties. This will make your life easier.
  • The unusable space on the shelf above your hanging rods is precious and actually very useful. Use clear storage bins — as big as will fit — and organize your purses in there so that you can see them. Yes, by color, style, and occasion. (If you change out your purse everyday, who are you? Tell us how that actually works.)
  • Bathing suits. You always have too many because that new one is going to make you look skinnier, we know. So dispose of the unused ones; they are like a bad memory. Then organize the rest, by style and function — and unless you are in the islands, or it’s summertime when you read this — store them in a clear bin above your hanging items. Question: Is it necessary to remind you to buy a sturdy step stool so that you easily reach these “handy” containers? Because it will make your life easier.
  • THE GAME CHANGER. Install a hook specifically for the outfit you will wear the next day. Don’t be tempted to hang a scarf or a purse there! This handy hook is ONLY for what you will be wearing the next day. It must have a work outfit on it each night before you go to sleep. It will make your life easier.

This will make your life easier. We promise!