Timeline of FIFA Corruption Scandals

The governing body of world’s football FIFA is nowadays in a big crisis due to corruption scandal. A criminal proceeding has also been launched against the president of FIFA Sepp Blatter in Switzerland. If we talk about the corruption scandals of FIFA then, it is not the first scandal, the history of FIFA is full of corruption scandals and its timeline is given below:

February 2011: Due to the breach of FIFA’s ethics code, the members of executive committee named Amos Adamu and Reynald Temarii were banned in 2011.

May 2011: Mohamed Bin Hammam and Vice-president Jack Warner were suspended as the candidates of presidency in 2011. This was happened because both offered financial incentives to Caribbean Football Union members.

June 2014: The Sunday Times claimed that it got the “hundreds of millions” of documents against the members of FIFA’s executive committee who received payments from Bin Hammam to give votes for Qatar.

September 2014: September was also a crucial month for FIFA authorities because Garcia concluded her report of 430 pages regarding corruption allegations and submitted it to FIFA. Hans-Joachim Eckert published the summary of Garcia’s investigation report in November 2014, which is the chairperson of the adjudicatory chamber of FIFA’s independent ethics committee.

December 2014: The executives of FIFA agreed to publish the “legally appropriate version” of Garcia’s report.

May 2015: That was really a bad month for FIFA authorities as seven officials of FIFA have been arrested in a hotel of Zurich and international media reported the highest corruption rates in FIFA.

June 2015: After the corruption scandal, South African Football Association (SAFA) revealed that they paid 10 million dollars to Warner to get football assistance in Caribbean. At 4 June, FIFA officials admitted that they were paid 5 million dollars to FAI as a world cup play off compensation. Many other corruption scandals about FIFA have also been revealed in June 2015 until the launch of criminal investigation against president and other officials of FIFA.