Women reporters aim to remain at the forefront of their stories; now international media outlets need to hire them

“A“Afghanistan is a horrible place, especially for women. This is not true, but it is how the international media show my country,” says 21-year-old Diba Akbari, a reporter and presenter at Zan TV, the first TV channel aired exclusively by Afghan women.

Diba and her fellow Afghan female journalists report…

The number of female recruits is plummeting and the future of Afghan women in the forces is far from certain

AAfghanistan’s national forces are at the forefront of the war against the Taliban and other insurgent groups, and the reality on the ground is sobering: the soldiers are outnumbered by the Taliban in their outposts, casualties are high, and the body count (on both sides) increases daily. According to Afghan…

Lynzy Billing

Investigative journalist and photographer based between Afghanistan and the Philippines • Twitter and Instagram: @LynzyBilling

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