The Eternal Nazi Struggle

For the longest time, the argument against Nazis boiled down to the simplest of human decency roles. But perhaps in a day and age where Internet forums propose alternate thought routes, it has become an imperative to seek down other paths of conviction. Ones that may yield better results in the long run.

The main body of the argument against Nazis has everything to do with what concerns us as human beings wanting to coexist in a tolerant, prosperous society, and everything less with what Nazis might actually care about. It’s not so much a failure on our part as it is an intellectual failure on theirs. The inability to recognize what is essentially a warning from a planet-wide societal collapse is not to be downplayed by any means, but there are ways you could actually convince a Nazi that their ideals would bring nothing but peril, pain and death upon our world. Not that it’d typically be not what they think of, but instead, in a fashion that will inevitably impact them too.

See, what Nazis often don’t think of when talking about “Total Aryan Victory” or dubious concepts as such, is that the very execution of them entails that they’d lose something in the process too. No amount of societal failure doesn’t bring with it individual loss as well. It is through that path that most Nazis will not be able to put up a good fight. Since, what unites us both, and I say this with vomit in my mouth; we both look for our own self-interest, Nazis in their ambivalent ignorance, fail to see that their very endeavor is one that will put theirs in jeopardy as well, perhaps as any, or even more than ours in this context.

Convince a Nazi that their ideals will diminish their living standards and they’d be willing to listen in a heartbeat. Improvement in society comes in various forms, but most pressing as it may be, is the ability to perform altruism on a wide-scale, outside the confines of our immediate, individual bubbles.

The Nazi ideology most definitely impacts “others” in the worst possible way, much to a point where they are unable to best perform their civic duties. People of color, Muslims, Asians, and all members of minority groups are subject to higher scrutiny from the “norm” that it hindered their ability to produce already. That’s why you’ve got the odd fella in Europe ramming through pedestrians with a vehicle, that, with a background in domestic violence, or not the most fortunate financial situation. There is a cycle of cause and effect further perpetuating what brought upon the incident in the first place, and one other thread reinforcing perceived notions about minority groups that the argument against becomes moot.

Nazis fail to see this. They fail to see that their attitude is what’s causing their livelihood to deteriorate more. Attitudes in the consuming demographic show that there is already pressure on others to push past what’s humanly possible. The only thing that has come close to Marvel and DC characters becoming real is Nazi’s performance expectations from a group already doing damn well in fulfilling society’s needs. Superhuman as it is, the response is adamantly subhuman, what Nazis wish to so believe in, is to their utter dismay, what they shall be treated of.

It’s in the realm of possibility that a bearer of such beliefs may be reading this, if you are, consider this: Why would lack of compassion fly you closer to your target? The answer is that you don’t. No one does. It’s a struggle between the wealthiest and least fortunate to reach with humanity the farthest. A struggle, mutual, and so common, that we all partake in without volition, only through necessity and empathy.

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