It’s 7:15 and I’m awake for school. College yes the time where you’re supposed to feel smarter and look at like in a different way… if by smarter you mean, cramming the night before a giant test and crying halfway, and by different you start noticing more what’s on sale and cheaper stuff than originally priced food, clothes, books, electronics, etc.

Don’t get me wrong I like what I’m studying (criminal justice) there’s just so much to memorize and so much to do for that class, while also being a full time employee, like how often am I home… just to sleep and get dressed in the morning, I go to school from 8–12 and sometimes I don’t get home until later on days I work later and sometimes I got to work from 2–10 or 5–8 and hours in between, this is what having a very small social life feels like. High school was the best I had awesome friends I saw everyday, I created a family being in Culinary, I traveled with my high school, I went on a cruise with Culinary, like for a school field trip!! Who gets to say they did that? High school was the best time for me, I miss the minimal stress, college has me F’d Up books we didn’t need to pay for in high school we take for granted, cause now I have to buy books that range from $100 – $600 and that alone is just one text book.

Here’s a life lesson, save money as much as you can, don’t save like $100 out of a $200 check cause that’s just wrong, save at least $25 – $50. Remember what high school was like save the memories from your Snapchat stories, I look back at mine and remember things I didn’t capture but I remember cause I save bits and pieces of that days. Try to learn you before anyone else, get to know you write down your thoughts on paper sing songs that make you feel like you. Most of all keep going, I know high school stresses but all that stress leads to a diploma and someone in your family crying.

Sincerely, a less stressed high school Lyssa 👌🏻