What I Wore When I Met You: Mike Madrid and Gabriel García

The blogger duo behind Cup of Couple, Gabi and Mike, met in 2010 on Facebook. We talked to the pair (who announced their engagement to their 227k Instagram followers last week) about their first date…

Gabi García

Since we first met we haven’t been apart. I remember everything about that day — I was meant to study as I had an exam the following day, but decided drinks with Mike was the perfect way to clear my mind. As it happens, I didn’t even go to the exam!

“What was my future boyfriend doing talking on the phone with someone else on our first date?!”

We hit it off immediately making jokes and taking about our families, although we were both pretty nervous. The next day we chatted about how ridiculous we probably sounded. I remember Mike answering the phone that evening and thinking, “What’s my future boyfriend doing talking on the phone with someone else on our first date?”

I was attracted to Mike’s style — and I remember what he was wearing perfectly the first time we met! He wore a Fred Perry polo, grey skinny jeans and black and red old-school Vans. I was wearing denim shorts and kept thinking I’m need try to look as decent possible without boiling up — remember this was Madrid in June!

The first time we met was our first date. We went to have some cañas at a Malasaña bar called El Rincón [a traditional cafe in Madrid]. We love to pay it a visit frequently, it’s become a kind of ritual for us. After that we went for a walk and then back to Mike’s!

“Is there anything as magical as a relationship in its early stages?”

I loved (and still do love) everything about Mike. Is there anything as magical as a relationship in its early stages?

It was actually both of our ideas to start a blog. A lot of other people had one and we thought it would be awesome to have one for the two of us — it’s the best decision we ever made. That, and getting our puppy Malibu.

We’ve always been mad about animals, especially Pomeranians. We always used to imagine owning a puppy but we didn’t dare buy one — but one day Mike brought home Malibu as a surprise. It was one of the best decisions we ever made, and I’m still shocked at all the love and happiness he makes us feel.

Mike Madrid

We met on June 6, 2010. It was 9pm and we went for drinks. I also was in the same situation and was meant to be studying! I had a project due the following day but decided it was a much better plan to go out with Gabriel. Unlike him, I did hand in my project the next day!

I remember what Gabi wore as if it was yesterday — a grey t-shirt, denim shorts and blue Vans, but it was his eyes that I was instantly attracted to. We clicked immediately, and I thought “he has to be my boyfriend” while I was telling my mom on the phone that I was hanging out with him (during our date).

“Are you truly going on a date with a guy you just met on Facebook three days ago?”

Before the date I looked in the mirror and asked myself: “Are you truly going on a date with a guy you just met on Facebook?” Yup, I was! I was nervous, but they were the sort of nerves you get before going on an amazing vacation or that you get when you see your family again after a long time apart.

When we were together we’d take pictures all day long: of ourselves, of our flat and of the places we went to. We really bored our Facebook friends with all our photos so we decided to create a personal space where people could see a piece of our world — and that is when Cup of Couple was born.

“I can’t think of a better partner in crime!”

Everyone asks if it is easy to work together and for us it is pretty simple. Yeah, we don’t always agree, but I think that enriches us and makes us learn faster. It’s so great we get to share all our experiences thanks to the blog and I can’t think of a better partner in crime! As for the wedding [the boys announced their engagement on Instagram last week], we won’t give away too much but we don’t want anything traditional. It’ll be something fun, colorful and far, far away.

As told to Sophie Hay

Images: @cupofcouple Instagram

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Originally published at www.lyst.com on April 9, 2015.