Slack fulfils all your demands in one online space

Slack, the app the new digital backbone for your business, is a communication platform for office workers with the motto to “be less busy”. With its objective to simplify internal communications in order to increase efficiency and productivity at the workplace; Slack brings together all the essential integrations to fulfil your demands — in one easy-to-navigate place.

1: Check your links before you click! Who knows what you’ll load…

If you’ve ever accidentally opened a link from your best mate while you were searching for an urgent email in front of your boss, you’ll know the value of this feature — and if you haven’t, Slack can save you from that awkward moment.

On regular email, links appears as a simple URL leading to a website, with no context surrounding it, and if the URL has no semantic value it makes it almost impossible to decipher what you’ve been sent. This has the potential to cause major embarrassment — especially if you have both your work and your personal email on one device.

When you post a link in Slack it automatically generates a description of the URL link, making it clear what you’re about to click on — and saving you from the awkwardness of opening up a list of the 10 best cat gifs in front of your boss.

2: Want to make emojis at work (of colleagues or of the office dog?)

The problem with emails is they’re boring — plain text on a plain background with a manual smiley face isn’t exactly technology at its finest. In its simplest form, Slack is an email replacement system which operates like group messaging — making interacting with colleagues more engaging.

The most exciting personalised feature is the custom emoji maker, which allows users to upload a photo and transform it into an emoji for use on their channels.

An emoji can express a thousand words — which is far too long to type in a chat, so instead be expressive and add a humorous image to liven up the conversation.

3: Make your communications light-hearted with gifs!

Add even more personality by downloading the Giphy integration for Slack , allowing you to introduce funny gifs to your conversations.

While we all have important and serious work conversations with our colleagues, a good gif can lighten to mood and inject a little humour. This is a fun and also highly addictive — you’ve been warned!

4: Bored of writing? Want to talk to a person face to face? LyteSpark’s the integration you need

Getting someone to respond to your messages can be frustrating and really rather annoying — especially if you need an answer to a question quickly.

Slack has come to the rescue with an integration app called LyteSpark, that allows you to hold an immediate video conference with your colleague, getting you your answer quickly.

LyteSpark has all of the classic features of an online meeting platform; including screen sharing, live document editing and auto-saving meeting notes — as well as offering a customisation option to decorate your virtual rooms with team branding.

Users can suggest a video chat or you can invite “Smartbot”, Slack’s virtual intelligent assistant, to the channel. When the bot senses that your Slack conversation could benefit from a face-to-face chat it automatically propositions that you move into a video room to carry on the conversation — making talking to colleagues easier than ever.

5: Worried about losing your important documents? Fear not! We’ve already backed them up

Automatically archiving all of your interactions and the files that were sent in them, Slack gives you the peace of mind that your messages and files are secure and backed up. Offering both a drag and drop feature to share files as well as integrations such as Dropbox and Google Drive — file sharing has never been easier.

6: Tired of constantly hearing the buzz of your work phone at home?

Slack gives you the option to configure your work schedules with colleagues. By using this feature you are no longer disturbed during after work hours by the buzzing of your phone from a work notification.

Instead, Slack will wait until you’re back online at work to deliver the messages, so there’ll be no more dinnertime disruptions.

Slack allows all your business communications to happen in one place, and is an effective, accessible way of bringing a new level of organisation into the workplace. By integrating third party apps, this unique system offers a range of features that enhance and optimise its use — allowing you to stay effortlessly organised.