4 Tips for Blogging Over the Holidays

Michael Bublé (if you’re into that), glittering lights, crowded malls… Christmas is here! Many of us look forward to Christmas while bloggers and brands look to opportunities to create an impact on their followers. If you’re about to go on business-and-blogging-as-usual or cruise-control, you might want to reconsider. It’s time to put your resources and creative skills to good use.

1. Create amazing blog content in advance

Maybe you’re going on vacation, about to be really busy with family, or planning a Christmas party extravaganza- you’re still going to want your blog to run at full force. It’s useful to plan your line-up of posts for the entire December & January. It’s obvious when posts are rushed and lack clear tonality and content direction. You may be busy as anything but you’d want to deliver quality content to your readers who look to blogs for a touch of excitement and gorgeous visuals over the holidays. Make your layout festive — be inspiring: create wish lists and gift guides for your readers, share with them your favourite Christmas recipes, movies, and rituals.

2. Schedule and engage

Have content planned and ready for scheduled posting so you have ample time to keep conversation running with your fans when you can. Monitoring your blog will be a difficult task while you have committed to holiday plans, but all it takes is good planning. Use helpful scheduling functions in your blog and social media platforms. Your fans are tuning in from all over- even en route to their home towns- from their laptops or smartphones. Take advantage of those times for maximum reader coverage and engage with them.

3. Create a sense of community

Have some funds to spare? Want to make things exciting for your fans? Hosting giveaways are a fun way to share the Christmas spirit with your readers. A simple random draw is an easy way to accomplish this: it doesn’t require consistent monitoring. You can also host a fun mini-contest: get conversation rolling and make things interesting. You can also get your fans in a great and inspiring mood by creating discussions where fans can share their most memorable Christmas memories.

4. Add a personal touch to your blog

Blogs feel personal because they transport you places the way books do. Feature your holidays on a blog post. Readers love getting a peek into your life. Don’t worry about it having nothing to do with the usual theme for your blog. Introduce your readers to your life offline. Feature your family, friends, significant other and silly, light-hearted things. Include heartwarming visuals. Or, get your readers feeling empowered by taking them on a journey with you- set up a poll and choose a charity to donate to together. Be different. Sharing an experience with your fans creates a bond.