Weekly Social Media Tech News by RaVaBe — Sept 19, 2016

This week sees us uncovering old truths on mega-companies, bringing to life a holographic experience to knock your socks off, the ‘new Bitcoin’, and a push upwards in the Indian workforce.

Yahoo gets the rug pulled from under them

News of Yahoo’s security breach comes at an inconvenient time as the multinational company is apparently in talks to sell its core business to top dogs such as Verizon. Yahoo confirms hackers acquired personal data of about 500 million users and these details include names, passwords, email addresses and phone numbers. What’s most surprising is this breach really happened back in 2014 and people are not pleased to be finding out only today. (Read more…)

BBC makes TV very real for all

The BBC has just experimented on next-level TV viewing- of the holographic kind. The British broadcasting company believes the future of TV will mean very real experiences for their audiences, making viewers feel as though they are right in there on the action. With new advances in 3D and 4D technology it seems only natural that we will be able to enjoy the pleasure of viewing shows from the comfort of our homes in the very near future. (More info here…)

LinkedIn pushing Indian workforce to new frontiers

The business oriented social networking platform has launched Placements — a service that helps out students who are job-searching — complete with an assessment test and learning materials to go with. The company is putting its money where its mouth is by exclaiming they will start using Placements for the hiring of their own team. (Read more…) This comes in the wake of LinkedIn Lite, created specially for India, it’s second largest user base (over 37 million users) to work better in the country’s slow internet connections. With a population of over 1.3 billion Lite will no doubt play a big role in integrating India and its working class in the workforce both domestic and international. (Find out more…)

Instagram will wash your mouth with soap… literally

Jumping on the bandwagon of responsible social networking, Instagram will now feature an option to hide inappropriate comments based on pre-selected words by the company to help filter out negative sounding words. It’ll be interesting to see how netizens will work their way around this one, and if figuring out which words are on Insta’s naughty list will become the new Pokemon Go! (Read about it….)

Move over, Bitcoin

Giftbit is a company that helps online retailers operate their digital gift cards, and now it gives us the gift of yet another online currency for our shopping escapades. Dubbed, ‘customised currency’, the company plans to give online merchants free rein over how their customers pay. Each payment category from sales to refund credits are customisable and the creators claim that this will make tracking and analytics for retailers a lot easier and clearer, and useful to business operations. (Amazing, or what?)

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