Day 1: From solitude to soliquy — A system to achieve

I hate silence and solitude. One of the adverse effects of growing in a bustling noisy place like Dhaka.

Now at Oxford, the silence is truly deafening. I yearn for sound not necessarily meant for my ears alone. Solitude is far more painful. It creeps even when you’re around people.

To overcome both states, I became busy. I outsourced whatever social life I had to facebook and immersed myself in whatever came my way. I wanted to achieve so I can a put a status — the likes and comments of which would fuel my need for self-approval and validation. I often felt overwhelmed by all the tasks I set myself up to achieve, chasing for opportunities, and end up doing them half-assed. I was really setting myself up for failures.

Back from Dhaka and having met a lot of people, I realized I needed a system to achieve. Like duh. I actually knew that all along, perhaps even setting up systems subconsciously, only to obliviate them as so-called ‘life’ would get in the way.

What I really needed was a character to stay true to the system. I have listened to most things espoused by those at the helm, and came up with the following 2 (clear) resolutions (I would have gone for 3, but lets stay conservative) in the following order (both of these are in addition to my day job as a PhD Student) for whatever remains of 2017:

  1. Submit an original paper based on my Master’s thesis at a peer-reviewed journal before 1st June 2017. — Work on it every Tuesday and Thursday after 5 pm for 2 hours.
  2. Complete reading Ryder’s MRCP PACES cases— Work on 5 cases every night for 2 hours after 5 PM, to apply and pass the 3rd diet of MRCP (30th Sep to 3rd Dec 2017). — this will also involve practice at hospital or with friends.
  3. I have other optional goals to accomplish on weekends from 8 AM to 12 PM:
Write about my lessons and setbacks as a result of the above system in this blog.
Write a protocol grant on the Bangladesh Biobank — a bioresource for life-course research.

In addition to the above, I also intend to lose 15–20 Kgs and stay fit by doing 50–100 push-ups and 10–20 pulls-ups a day. I intend to invest 1 hour every night checking up on people I love: A,S,N,M,M,D

Am I setting this right? I don’t know. Maybe I need to cut down on some stuff. Lets see how far I sail. Only time will tell.