Divorce rates are increasing!

At the early stages, it was very unusual when we heard that someone got divorced. It seemed very uncommon thing in our society and people actually look down upon to those individuals who had suffered from this incident. However, as comparatively now it is actually a very common thing. People got engaged and it broke like a simple relationship. Same goes for marriages now, people actually don’t think about its consequences especially on their children.

Much had already been discussed about that subject already, but what’s not been talked about is the root cause to this problem. I am going to refer a speech of a professor who is teaching at one of the most prestigious institutes of Pakistan, where he quoted that, and ‘It is because of institute like us that has made our youth more liberal and extremely open minded. It is because of us that our upcoming generation has low tolerance level. It is actually because of us that divorced rates have increased.’

What he actually talked about that it is due to education that divorced rates have been increased…… HOW RIGHT???

Well, let’s go back to an era where women were completely dependent on their husbands for their livelihood. Women had no any backup or had no education through which they could had survived on their own. As of now, things have been changed quite drastically. Women are MASHALLAH well educated and are competing with men on every field and industry there is in our country. Let it be sports, science, financial industry or any other else.

Education has made individuals quite independent and now they do not need any person who have to take care of them.

Once an individual thinks himself as self-dependent, then they cannot tolerate any misbehavior from anyone. However, it is very necessary to bear or tolerate the moods and emotions so that the relationship can go well. Like I usually say, a little sacrifice and a little compromise; your life will then be very great.

To look at the other side of picture, men nowadays require a well-educated wife who can take care of their house, children and at the same time, should do a full time job. Being myself a guy, those men who do have these type of thinking should be taught and make them understand that they cannot expect everything from their wives, and they have to think from a broader perspective.

Yet again we cannot enforce any gender to be the actual reason for the increasing trend of divorces in our country, because it always takes two hands too clap! But I do believe that once the individual thinks as self-dependent, their tolerance level will decrease which will eventually cause the problem to in their married life.

To mitigate this situation, I believe court should order the couple for counselling first then to make the final verdict. This may change the thinking pattern and create a bit of awareness and at the same time, it can affect the life of the couple in a positive way.

We do adapt our thinking pattern from western countries and if we understand the need of these counselling, divorce rates will greatly decrease.

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