Never thought that there will be an app that can chat and provide solution to your problem at the same time. Being a starter at any business you need some specific ideas, capital, and may be a help to use implement that idea.

I was looking for some help as well as being in the industry, sometimes it is a bit hard to get to know the right person. Now I would say things have been different. With the advent of Kuwkie, not just me but many individuals have got the right idea to start their own business through Kuwkie.

My idea was somewhat linked with the culinary world which on Pakistan, with the limited resources one can make the product but it is really hard to market the same. Hence I was using Internet to explore some ideas but all try was in vain. Then a teacher of mine suggested me to use kuwkie app to find some solution and well…. I have managed to start my own business and it’s really going well.

I would suggest everyone to use the app if they really want a help in starting their own business and does need an idea to start it.