Saving All My Feels for You
Mac McCarty

I hear you. But why does it seem like many Filipinos are big fans of Duterte? Even the most reasonable Filipinos claim that “the media” is making it out as worse than it really is, that the media (especially foreign media) are taking things out of context, and that the Filipino idioms cannot be translated into English properly without the words sounding harsh and horrific. (Apparently the “passion” and intention are lost in translation.) The “smart and reasonable ones” say that no one but Filipinos living in the country understand what’s really happening or what needs to happen, understand Duterte’s stance, and that no one but Filipinos living there can appreciate the actual “good” that Duterte is doing. Are we really clueless and judgmental (especially as outsiders), while Duterte and Filipinos are simply misunderstood?

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