Stop Using the C-Word to Describe My Writing.
Augusta Khalil Ibrahim

So, in business, where we need to shift perspectives and keep our emotions in check in favor of efficiency, what should we call “Content” instead? Similarly, if a brand — say, Johnson & Johnson—has a million Products (bad, bad “P” word) that needed to be expediently categorized for the QA team, or for the engineers to improve after hearing from Customers (another bad, bad “C” word), etc., what should we call the category “Products” to give it more soul, without slowing down the process of research, development, and sales?

It’s a very interesting thing… how the above labels (please don’t apply generally, let’s specifically stick to business in this case) can offend and insult when it’s not the intention. Imagine if we romanticized every label and gave it “wings” and “soul” that “lifts the heart” and “elevates the human condition to its higher purpose and meaning?” (I still don’t know what category label to replace “Content” that would accomplish this, make it more “soulful.”) What would that accomplish and how much time spent to accomplish it? (Well, I suppose it might give a lot of people The Feels.) Paraphrasing Juliet: a rose by any other name is still a rose.

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