Modesty has nothing to do with clothing. Modesty is all about your “heart”
Greg Heath

Exactly Greg. Modesty is about what is in your heart and not clothing. And when you own a fashion brand that you call “modest”, it shouldn’t be about covering we’re currently seeing. Being a modest fashion brand means that you care about people, everyone involved in the process. You care about the fabrics, you care about your customers, you want the best for everyone.

I related modesty to fashion because I created a fashion label and wanted to share why I created it, and what modesty in fashion implies to me. I never said modesty had to do with clothing; I believe you understood wrong Greg.

However, I still say that modesty applies to all aspects of our lives. When you are modest, you think, behave, eat, dress, talk modestly.

Thank you so much for commenting, and let’s discuss more about it if you still have doubts! I’d love to share more with you :)

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