Modest fashion is NOT wearing clothes that cover

Hi everyone!

I wanted to share my frustration and thoughts with you because I would like to get your feedback on it.

Lately, we’ve seen more and more fashion houses and magazines call certain brands “modest”.

Brands who only try to have longer sleeves, longer body lengths, but who barely have changed their business models to make it more modest and honest.

What is your view on modesty?

When we created Modestologie, we said we were a modest designer brand because we are a designer brand who digs deep and tries to be as modest as possible.

To us, minimalism is a part of modesty; indeed, clean and structured shapes without fuzz and frizz and strass and glitters, that is what a modest outfit looks like. When you know what you are worth, when you know you are wearing clothes that magnify you, you don’t need to add anything more. Universality, elegance, timelessness of our clothes, this is what matters to us. We wanted to make clothes that looked very structured and simple — even though simple is the hardest to create, clothes that could be worn by any woman in the world, anywhere, anytime, clothes that would last through seasons.

Also, to us, it seemed really important to use natural fabrics because they’re the best for clothes that are directly in contact with the skin. They naturally thermo-regulate, we are a lot less subject to allergies, and most of them are way more comfortable than synthetic fibers and fabrics.

Last, the transparency is key for us. We wanted people to really know their clothes. Where the fabrics are sourced from, where the garments are made, by who, a detailed manufacturing cost, and our margin.

People deserve to know where their clothes are from, what they’re composed of, what is the cost of all the little things that compose a piece, and who made them. And workers deserve so much more recognition than what they get; they help us feel good about ourselves, they help us look good, they improve our lives. Yet almost no one pays attention to them, whether these workers are in Western countries or developing ones.

So we tried to incorporate all these key points into Modestologie; we came up with this name because we push modesty at every level of the fashion process.

And when we see that luxury brands or crappy brands who sell clothes that just “cover” are called modest brands, it irritates us.

Let’s not fall into that marketing and commercial trap.

We all deserve the best cuts, the best fabrics, and to know where our clothes come from, who made them; we all deserve the best.

Let’s stop saying D&G is making modest fashion; they’re playing with people who are easily attracted by extravagancy but who have cultural traditions. They are just attracted by the financial attrait of getting into modest fashion. They don’t care about the people, about the values, about the mindset. They just want the money.

And buying a 3000USD dress from them isn’t modest. Modesty isn’t about covering, modesty is about your way of thinking, of living, it’s not just a physical/superficial thing.

A modest person lives a modest living; no matter how much money they can spend, it is the way they spend it that makes them modest.

And all the other brands who offer cheap clothing that “covers”, made from polyester, viscose, acrylic, and other cheap materials. It’s the same thing; they just want the money and don’t care about the customers nor the industry workers.

So we are quite irritated when we hear that people AND mostly the media try to show that image of modest fashion.

Modesty is a mindset that it expressed by the way we dress AND behave AND think; it is not wearing long clothes.


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