Image Courtesy of Pexels

An Ode to Dad Jokes

In the form of an acrostic poem.

D is for Dad, obvious but stay with me.

A is for Absolutely hilarious, to him.

D is for “Dad, I’m hungry” “Hi Hungry, I’m Dad.” Classic.

J is for Jokes on you, because Dad Jokes are awesome… sometimes.

O is for “Oh my god, not again Dad” *groans and rolls eyes into the back of their head*

K is for Killing it with the Dad Jokes. Killing what exactly. Everything.

E is for Eyes rolling so far back they roll in the 5th Dimension never to return again.

S is for So, admit it you actually love Dad Jokes. Cuz’ I do. They’re hilarious.

Thank you for reading this nonsensical ode to Dad Jokes, as you can see I create such amazing and well thought out content on the regular or at least this week; because this is my day 2 entry for my week long writing challenge “A Week with Words”.

If you enjoy silly little posts like this tap the heart in the corner and I’ll continue making such hard hitting content ☺ and be sure to try the challenge yourself like my friend Bex if you’re enjoying the content.

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