Children, Families and Female CEO

Figuring out the work/life balance

This is part three in a series about female graphic designers and whether or not they ‘disappear’ from the graphic design industry. Read the first two parts here and here.

“This is not a women’s issue. This is a design issue. The need for flexible work schedules, family leave and feasible child-care affects both male and female designers but are particularly critical to women who are traditional caregivers. The high pressure environment forces some women to change their priorities and they realise that working part-time or lower down the ranks so that they don’t have to put up with unsociable hours.” — Moira Cullen
“Starting a family and having a successful career are not two things that often go hand in hand”. Image Source:

The pressures of choosing between starting a family life and a successful career can result in many female designers taking positions lower down the ranks to the ones they previously maintained before having children; due to the flexible working hours that top level positions cannot offer. These issues also apply to new fathers, with limited paternity leave and inflexible hours in maintaining a senior position. Unfortunately, mothers are still seen as traditional caregivers; fathers end up taking up more responsibilities at work to provide for their families and often don’t have the option to take an out; as mothers do, to re-evaluate their work/life balance.

Yet, for the women who hoped to resume their previous positions after returning from maternity leave. They find themselves having to choose between somehow balancing the work load they had before and a home life with their children.

The current system also works against fathers, who want to spend more time with their families and children. However they end up shouldering more of the financial responsibilities whilst their spouses are home looking after the children on maternity leave.

Starting a family and having a successful career are not two things that often go hand in hand.

So is it possible?

Is it possible to have it all as female designer in 2016?

Can you really have the career and family and be successful at both?

Till next time…

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