Avoiding screens as much as possible!

Trust me, then you’ll definitely finally find (inner) peace..

Screens, at the same time or at different time, are all surrounding us lately. They are so tempting for their diversified information while people like us have a tendency of seeking for newness non-stop. They automatically hook us. We unconsciously stick to them, dragged by them. But let just take a second to close the eyes, we are moving so fast in the chaos and losing ourselves.

I’m a gossip girl yet a hi-tech geek. I’ve been sticked to my phone with thousands of messaging apps, social networking apps, email apps,.. I’ve been used to indulged in looking at screens, scanning notifications and really enjoyed it. I have a full-time job which multi-tasking skill is a plus and I’m good at it. Screens help me a lot and it seems like I would never been tired of communications and relations. Until one day in the middle of an appointment, I feel lost with thousands of thoughts in mind. I could not focus on the conversation. I could not live at the moment. I could not give a sh* to the vibe around. Believe me, sooner or later, one would experience that “holy moment” and realise there are things you should change.

Is that peace everyone would need in life to find our true selves?! Modern life is so hectic and it’s always difficult to get balance or life moves so fast that we even forget to find balance. We just keep moving in the circle with the interfere of information, we deal with it instantly endlessly and driven by it. We are dragged further from our paths without recognisation. And we’re lost.

Then I decided to get away from screens. All kinds of e-screens specifically: phone, tablet, television, laptop,… as much as I can. I look straight at the people in front of me instead. I observe the environment around me: the plants, the sky, the table, the bicycle, and people of course. I hear the sound of nature, traffic, music, or overhear the talk, the conversation. I indulge in real atmosphere.

I feel alive, again.

The stable feeling emerges, the true self is found, the value is awaken. I’m a part of the world and connected, yet still me with signature value, like everyone else.

And then you will see how lively and beautiful everything is, our world is, our life is.

Fully-energised to keep moving right in the set path. And remember to avoid screens as much as possible ;)