Chinese Medicine Knowledge & Tongue Diagnosis

There is a growing demand for the traditional Chinese Medicine worldwide, which is in part due to the non-invasive methods of treatment and also because this natural holistic treatment has been successfully been used over 2000 years to stimulate the body’s natural healing mechanisms to take place in a short amount of time that would otherwise take longer using other chemical-based medications that negatively affect the body and lowers the body’s immunity towards fighting diseases and infections.

Here at Sanlida TCM online clinic pride ourselves in using effective and very unique forms of healing practices that view the body as a network of interconnected part of a large concept known as Qi, while (respectfully) other forms of medical treatment view the same boy as a separate system of organs.

Our holistic treatment methods include, but not limited to the following:

1. The Theory of Essential Qi

2. The Theory of Yin-Yang

3. The Theory of the Five Elements

4. Correspondence between Human and the Universe

5. The Meridian System

6. The Zang-Fu Organs System

7. The Tongue Diagnosis

All these methods of Traditional Chinese Treatments have been elaborated on our website On this article, we will focus on the Chinese medical diagnosis.

Tongue Diagnosis

You may be wondering, how does a Chinese medicine practitioner determine a diagnosis just by looking at the tongue? Well, the tongue in a human being is the most prominent indicator of your level of health and any disorder will normally have an effect on the color, texture, appearance and coating of your tongue.

The tongue is usually divided into the following parts:

· The tip: Reflects the condition of the heart and lungs

· The Middle: Reflects the condition of the spleen and stomach

· The Root: Reflects the condition of the kidney

· The Borders: Reflects the condition of the liver and gallbladder

The color of the tongue body reflects the condition the blood and functional state of the body organs and the moss-like material covering the tongue can determine the degree of fluid consumption and nature, depth, and location of a pathogenic factor.

The color of the tongue coating reflects on the characteristics and the degree of penetration of a disease or infection.

The tongue coating can appear as very thin and may indicate the absence of a severe illness and a thick coating on the tongue can signify a penetration of pathogens or simply the presence of retained food or phlegm due to a cold infection. A dry coating is a sign of impairment of body fluids.

There are very many benefits of seeking Traditional Chinese Medicine such as:

It promotes the body’s natural healing mechanisms

ü Reduces chronic overall pain

ü Improves liver health

ü Promotes cognitive health

ü Lowers inflammation

ü Balances hormones

ü Reduces the risks of cancer

ü Preserves muscle strength and the body’s overall balance

ü Helps to significantly lower the body’s stress levels

ü Promotes overall wellbeing

So please feel free to contact us through our website for an intellectualized diagnosis and systematic therapy.