Can Anyone Guarantee SEO Services?


“#1 Result in Google — Guaranteed!”. SEO is one huge business — and it’s saturated. For a company looking for such services, it’s almost impossible to compare the companies or qualify them before getting in contract. In the other hand it’s almost impossible to advertise your SEO-services in a way that will distinguish you from the millions of other companies using the exact same phrases. So what do you do? You guarantee everything. Like everyone else. The problem is that you can’t. You really have no possibility to guarantee any results on Google and from a business perspective you end up in a difficult situation, when those guarantees fail.

Advanced Web Ranking (handy tool for any company or SEO consultant) published in their blog that 8 out of 10 SEO companies promised guaranteed results. The rest went with “better” results than others (funny to have better results than #1 place…). As I mentioned before; Google is pretty clear with their General Guidelines “No one can guarantee #1 ranking on Google”.

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For the qualifications that Google is considering when ranking your page, it is always a mystery. The exact algorithm isn’t released nor any testing (bigger SEO agencies do this a lot!) will bring the final “truth” to the dinner table. And after few months the algorithm is changed anyways. More or less. But we do have some guidelines from the big, bigger, Google:

Some of the considered factors by Google:

  • Quality of content
  • Quality of inbound and outbound links
  • Website’s speed
  • Clean code
  • Relevancy

You can find tons more from this website:

So how can one show expertise in the area — or as a company what should I be looking at?

That’s a hard one. Putting too much weight on guarantees is just a gimmick. No company should fall on that or neither one should necessarily advertise themselves with such. Imagine the lawsuit or disappointed customer. What I suggest is fairly simple for the SEO agencies: show expertise in the field. Be transparent. Don’t promise what you can’t hold and explain why is this and why is the other agency most probably not able to deliver.

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