I understand why you aren’t happy with Ms.
Steven Anderson

I’m going to vote for Trump because I think the evidence — too numerous to exhaustively list here — heavily favors his ability to succeed. I think the facts show he is better than Hillary. Today, Senator Corker — the chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee — made the argument in an interview that he believes Trump has the best chance out of all remaining candidates to change US foreign policy. He did not recommend Hillary.

Interestingly, Amazon book-buyers’ also seem curious to know more about Hillary’s destructive character, which is the origin or her incompetent professional record. On the contrary, the first chapter of Trump’s book The Art of the Deal shows his capability for accomplishment, experience and knowledge with dealing in the US court system successfully. He’s also demonstrated a willingness to learn foreign policy through meetings with Baker and Kissinger.

I think he has the potential to be the best administrator of nationally beneficial US foreign policy since President Reagan.

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