I think, in your over-eagerness to emote against me, you may have missed some of my points.
Traditional Tradesman

Racism against whites exists, if course it does, how could it not given the history you describe? But is it built into the structure of society?

How can you be so against the term ‘black culture’, but so happy with ‘American culture’? As if growing up in up-state New York is akin to Southern L.A.

I cannot believe someone who asks for data, over and over again, is willing to criticise one persons anecdotal evidence with their own.

And to criticise my ‘final point’ by so eloquently belittling, and simultaneously redirecting it at me; how do you not see your internal contradiction? Your condemnation of ‘linguistic thuggery’ would be so much more convincing if you could only help but replicate it, you supercilious wretch. And don’t take that as a personal attack, or violent criticism, it is based on all of the above – a statement of empirical fact that is not meant to be, but cannot avoid being hurtful.

Seriously, I almost didn’t respond to you. Here’s a trap: head, from your ass, let me know how you get on; just wash your mouth out first!

P.S. I write something a few days ago, you’re making me think it generalises. Take a look.