The saddest thing about white supremacists – they’re just today’s house niggers

That will likely make them angry, but it is not an insult. ‘The funniest thing…’ would be insulting. And this notwithstanding,

there is nothing funny about white supremacy.

No, I am trying to help, because it is sad. This is coming from a place of ‘love and support,’ albeit the tough variety.

I must apologise though to anyone who finds any use of the word nigger abhorrent. I can’t weigh context and intention against your feelings and call you wrong. And I have to assume that using the word to help those who would use it in hate isn’t going to be an exception to prove the rule.

What is a house nigger? Black, better off than in the field, complicit, or active, in the oppression of others of their own; as long as this oppression gives them status.

We can all agree on this,

Why not expand the definition a bit further?

Today’s system is not slavery, not exactly as it was in the past at least, instead we have capitalism. Which is the best we’ve had so far, to be clear, I’m not calling for communism.

But that doesn’t mean we should have so much faith in a system that serves to concentrate wealth, equate this with power, giving political, legal and social influence; that we trust it, without any restraints, to help but the few. They who aren’t having to work at all.

This is sad. At least the house nigger of the past had some choice in switching sides. Today, the supremacist is born into the idea of being better, there’s no move up, you’re already supposed to be there. But something’s not right, this system’s pissing all over you. Even the left's in the pocket of Wall Street. Nothing ever changes whether you vote this way, or that, or not at all.

Is that why, trapped in this paradox, you find a saviour in the guy who says ‘they’re’ all the problem? Be they black and crime, or Jewish and avarice, Muslim and violent heresy. Mexican and sex offender?

You know these things already. Just as you know the (rich) white guy is one of you. His existence confirms that you too are better than, and deserving; the system kinda works. You would be such a contender, if it weren’t for those that would destroy you.

The same guy who tells you he’s here to change things; but only hires rich people because they’re successful. And you cheer – that’s sad.

As sad as a victim of domestic violence who still thinks their abuser loves them? I don’t have that much love, but you’ll defend until the end. And you’ll go further, finding your own victims to bear the brunt of your frantic efforts for self-esteem.

Well, he may not seek to destroy you, but that doesn’t mean he sees you as one of his own; he just needs you to guard the door. To fight the battles in your streets – divide and rule an empire – and fight abroad, in a war that had to end, or go on, I forget; but it’s Obama’s fault anyway. He needs you to go on defining your value as better than them, so that you don’t care (or even notice) him doing the same thing to you.

Keep on fighting for your own, and we’re gonna win again!

He’s playing you for a fool. And you’re lapping it up as he takes your tax dollars, and your healthcare and sends your kids to fight overseas. You know he’s arming groups that fight alongside Al Qaeda right? Right?!

But, I have to say one thing for him, he has moved on. While he is a racist, and sexist, and every other kind of prejudice, he can look past the colour of your skin; as incidental to the fact that you’re just another worthless nigger.