There Is No Middle Ground Between Racism And Justice
Ijeoma Oluo

This is absolutely the message for the people described in the MLK quote.

My problem, the problem, even when change seems immediate it is not. Slaves were freed, and given a debt to pay – literally – to compensate the slavers. Legislation is passed, and a generation later – or more – it still isn’t effective.

Those who would claim to be allies can be convinced to do more, but is this enough? Wars have been fought, and won, and still here we are.

I am absolutely not saying we should settle. We cannot take that position, to celebrate half-steps or headline achievements, but call me a pessimist I don’t know if people, especially within a structured society, can flip a switch and change. Power exists, it operates in surreptitious ways that people are blinded to by it’s entrenchment; but it is also used malignantly and manipulatively. Short of final solution, how do we take this apart?

I’ve seen so many people reject the idea of white privilege because there are poor white people. They’re ignorant… But as long as there is disadvantage in the world, isn’t there going to be an audience for the blame game that has it’s pre-established scapegoat?

Apologies, I’ve just realised how long is the critique for something I say I agree with. I envy the hope beneath your position.

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