And, this is where you are totally wrong!
mary sharum

Yes, POC can have privilege, and people from poor backgrounds/areas experience disadvantage irrespective of ethnicity. Money, and class stereotypes can have a very significant role, along with sex, (dis)ability…

However, while there are people like Ben Carson there is still such a thing as white privilege. This is not to say that every and any white person can stroll through an easy life; or that a white person will never face disadvantage or discrimination. But white, on it’s own, does not cause the (lesser) police officers to reach for their guns like black does. Watch the Tamir Rice shooting again. White, on it’s own, is not assumed to be a terrorist like a woman in hijab, look at hate crime statistics or the next person you see being searched randomly. Consider the average earnings of a white high school drop out vs a black college graduate.

That POC plus money gives opportunity does not negate white privilege. If you take a closer look you’ll see that actually it accentuates it.

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