FX Binary Compound Trading

4 high probability Binary Options trades a day with using profits of each trade into next one. Assuming payout is standard 80% per expiration.

Starting with only €400 it can be turned into €4K+ in only 4 trades a day. You could change the starting amount to less or more. But this example is meant to minimise starting capital at risk each day as we can’t be sure the first trade will be a win.

Trade 1) 400
Trade 2) 720
Trade 3) 1296
Trade 4) 2332
= 4199

What’s a high probability trade, system/ strategy? It all depends on your trading style, expiration, FX pair, etc and it’s your job to find your style. Any expiration of 1min, 5min, 15min, 30min, 60min, etc. can be high probability depending on the strategy. But usually higher time frames & longer expirations are more safe.

If you have a bigger account with a trusted, regulated broker then you can just do 1–2 high probability trades a day with larger amounts. It would eliminate ‚overtrading‘ even more.

In Binary trading you only have to be right by 1 tick/ micro pip to receive approx 80%-85% payout. With a solid system/ strategy this example is doable. In a perfect scenario if a 100% win rate was possible then that’s around €4K a day, €21K a week, €85K a month and €1M per year. Even at 50% profit it’s still around €500K a year.

Extreme discipline, patience and waiting for the right high probability setups is very important.

Good luck


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