If Trump is Impeached, it Might Be the End of America
Isaac Simpson

LOL, there are so many broad inaccuracies in this that it makes my head spin, but one is “longshoremen” being from rural areas. Longshoremen (and women) work predominantly at ports. Those are located primarily in major cities with ports. Longshoremen tend to live in these cities. Longshoremen work for unions, who are under contract with the individual ports. The individual longshoremen could choose to strike, but most have bills they must pay. Just like your farmers and truck drivers and whomever else lives in these rural areas. Simply choosing to go “on strike” against the big cities means their income goes away, their families go hungry, their bills don’t get paid, their homes go into foreclosure. It’s not as simple as saying “Screw them” if you’re screwing yourself.

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